We have been engaged in the development, manufacture and sales of pharmaceutical products by using the technology of peptide synthesis and the extraction and purification of biogenic substances. So far, an anticoagulant, a pre-treatment drug for an endoscopy, drugs for treating endometriosis and enuresis, etc. have been launched on the market. For patients’ safety, we have been dedicating to the establishment of a thorough quality control system covering from raw materials to these final products by not only conducting strict control on manufacturing system but also the confirming quality and origin information (manufactured at ILS or overseas CMOs) provided by API manufacturers.

From now on, we will keep focusing on the development of safe and high quality pharmaceutical products and their stable supply to the market.


Functional Foods

In this day and age of the coming of aging society and increasing lifestyle diseases, people are becoming more conscious about self-medication, saying “Keep your health by yourself.” In our functional food business, with a concept of “Creating good by eating foods,” we have been searching for a bioactive component in natural source that is effective for maintaining or improving human health. With such know-how gained through our R&D activities, L-Carnitine, Heme-Iron, and Liver Extract have been developed and commercialized. These products are manufactured under a strict quality control system for guaranteeing their safety by monitoring all the production levels from raw materials to final products.

We will provide a continuous support, through our functional food business, to implement the self-medication by offering a new way to get healthy from the field of functional food ingredients.

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