Products(Functional Foods)

Products of Our Functional Food Department

With a concept of “Creating good by eating foods,” we have been providing L-Carnitine, Heme-Iron and Liver Extract developed by our studies on active substances contained in foods. We support your health promotion through our functional food business.


L-Carnitine , L-Carnitine Fumarate, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate
(a material for promotion of weight loss)
L-Carnitine is deeply involved in the lipid metabolism and needed for the incorporation of fatty acids into mitochondria where fatty acids are converted to energy.

Heme Iron

Hemron , Hemron 2HiWS
(a material for supply of iron)
Iron is one of essential minerals. Our Hemron products are highly recommended due to its great absorbalility.

Liver Extract(LiverPpeptide)

(a material for improvement of liver function)
Liver Extract, which is made of highly nutritional liver through enzymatic digestion and processed into water-soluble powder.

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