Research & Development


We develop generic drugs (pharmaceutical products and APIs) according to the standards and guidelines needed for the marketing approval application of pharmaceutical product. Using the know-hows and techniques for handling bioactive peptides etc., tests regarding the formulation of synthetic peptides, bioequivalence study, stability and others are conducted for new approval application. We will keep making efforts to develop generic drugs convenient, easy-to-use, and reasonable for patients.

Functional Foods

We have been searching for nutritional and bioactive substances in natural source that are required for maintaining or improving human health. In particular, Heme-Iron (an essential mineral to the human body), L-Carnitine (necessary for the energy metabolism of lipid) and Liver Extract (useful for liver function and health maintenance), our main products developed from the past R&D activity, are enriched with reliable data from joint researches with universities. We will keep developing new functional food ingredients with high value and quality based on the chemical, nutritional and physiological verification with advanced technologies.
We will keep working on the health food business to share new findings in health.

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