Business Outline

Outlet of Chemicals business

We have been in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry for over 20 years. Utilizing our experience in quality control, quality assurance, and supplier management in the pharmaceutical business, we are developing new businesses such as pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates, inorganic compounds, amino acids, and impurities.
We also established a corporation in Hyderabad, India, in 2021. Our company cooperates in Japan and India to build a supply chain and supply high-quality products.
In order to continue meeting the needs of Japanese customers, we will continue searching for supply sources around the world, primarily in India, and provide a stable supply of safe and secure products.

Role and strengths

With the globalization of supply sources, we select manufacturers based on our experience and knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry, propose solutions to customer issues, and respond to customer needs.

  1. POINT.1 Experience
    • Quality, standard compliance
    • Price negotiation
    • Import and export support
      Hazardous materials, temperature control, etc.
  2. POINT. 2 Strength
    • Global human resources with knowledge of synthesis technology
    • Technical assistance as needed
    • Import and export of special chemicals
  3. POINT. 3 Information
    • Selecting overseas manufacturers and products that fulfill customer requirements.