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Liver Extract(Liver Peptide)

Liver Extract(Liver Peptide)

The liver is known as a highly nutritious food. In order to enhance absorbability in our bodies, ILS modifies it as a water-soluble peptide and provides it as a "liver extract" to customers.

What is the liver

The liver is the main metabolic organ in the body, and it controls all metabolic activities such as metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, and plays various roles such as "production of bile," "detoxification" and "alcohol metabolism." It helps our bodies stay healthy.
In addition, the liver is called a silent organ and therefore, it is difficult for us to understand the warning signs of the problems of the liver, which bears burden in times of satiety as well as in stressful situations. When you notice a subjective symptom, it could be in a serious condition. Therefore, it is very important to always take good care of the liver.

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The liver for the liver

Liver hydrolyzate (liver powder) is being taken as medicine for a long time since it is said that eating liver helps improve the health of the liver, which is similar to the old saying that eating healthy prevents and cures disease.

Liver function and obesity

According to the “Current Status of Health Checkup” reported in 2014, the reports of liver dysfunction, obesity, and high cholesterol were 29% higher than those of other checkup items among patients with abnormal results. For men, liver dysfunction was reported as high as 40.7%, obesity 34.8%, and high cholesterol 34.3%. From these statistics, we can imagine that men who make their liver overwork may be suffering from obesity, to which much attention is paid in specific medical checkups.

For your reference, we can see 32.6% increase in cases of high cholesterol and 22.5% increase in those of obesity in women, and both rates have been increasing year by year.

When looking at the frequency of lifestyle-related diseases from 1984 to 2014, liver dysfunction and high cholesterol ranked the lowest, but they have been ranking high since 2000 with the increase in obesity.

The frequency of abnormal symptoms of adult lifestyle-related diseases
※We omitted the data for hyper neutral lipemia and high cholesterol in 1984, because data for these specific conditions were not available.
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Beauty and liver

The liver has two roles: metabolism and detoxification.
Due to stress fatigue and age-related loss of function, liver metabolism and detoxification may not work properly. If internal metabolism gets worse, the body experiences difficulties in absorbing enough nutrition, and it may have an adverse impact on appearance. If you keep your mind and body healthy, you can expect them to have a good effect on how you look.

Amino acids in the liver, such as glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, and alanine, consist of approximately half of those in collagen.

Our Liver Hi contains a lot of glycine, proline, and alanine and therefore, it can be used for nutritional support. In addition, it contains a large amount of lysine, an amino acid that maintains hair health.

In addition, Liver Hi contains glutamate and glycine, the two of the three amino acids (the third being cysteine) that make up glutathione, which is useful in skin care (cosmetic) and enhances nutrition and beauty.